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Travel conditions
These conditions are valid only if Orobus S.L. is the Organizer. If any other travel arrangements have been arranged with other organisers, then their terms and conditios apply.

1. Conclusion of the travel contract
When the client makes a booking with Orobus S.L.
(Orobus S.L.), they acknowledge that they are then legally binded by the travel contract, including travel conditions and
Payment conditions to Orobus S.L.. The terms and conditions apply to all parties involved including the client and Orobus S.L.. The client and Orobus S.L. become legally binded to their obligations specified in the booking once the booking has been made and the client has received a confirmation email.
2. Arranging other services
If Orobus S.L. arrange services for their clients such as other travel services, admissions, catering, events, boat, ship passages, flights, etc. the client must adhere to the terms and conditions of the relevant service providers.
3. Payment
In the contract, the travel price is calculated per person and shows the total price which has to be paid in full.
Premiums for travel insurance - when completed - are due in full upon completion.
4. Customer service and price changes
4.1. The contracted services match those offered in the
Cataloge and Internet, as well as the terms and conditions outlined in the travel confirmation. The information about our services
in the catalogue and Internet are binding; Orobus S.L. however expressly reserves the right to change these details at any time.
We refer to the points 4.2; 4.3.; 4.4.
Special arrangements which change the scope of the contractual services require the
explicit written acknowledgement by Orobus S.L..

4.2. Changes and deviations of individual travel services from the agreed contents of the
Tour contract which become necessary after the contract has been concluded may be necessary due to factors not controlled by Orobus S.L.. The primary basis of the contracted service will remain the same if possible. For example, if there is a traffic accident and a deviation is needed in the route. The warranty claims remain unaffected if the reasons are due to defects in the contracted service.
4.3. Orobus S.L. is committed to informing the traveler about any changes in their contract as soon as Orobus S.L. have been made aware.
4.4. The client acknowledges the cancellation and amendment fees outlined in the confirmation email. Cancellation fees may be avoided if the client instead decides to make another booking.
5. Cancellations, rebooking, substitution of persons
5.1. Repudiation by the customer: the customer may at any time prior to departure of the booked trip
withdraw. The time of cancellation of the customers at Orobus S.L. is decisive. The resignation must
timely be declared in written form to Orobus S.L.. On cancellation of the participant, Orobus S.L. can decide on the compensation for the cancellation, taking into account the cost of the lost business to Orobus S.L..
5.1.1. Cancellation costs per person
Any notice given more than 31 days - 20% of the total cost of the booking will be charged. Between 31 days and 23 days - 35% of the total cost of the booking will be charged. Between 22 and 16 days - 35% of the total cost of the booking will be charged. Between 15 days and 9 days - 50% of the total cost of the booking will be charged. Between 8 days and 4 days, 65% of the total cost of the booking will be charged. Between 72 and 24 hours - 95% of the total cost of the booking will be charged. If less than 24 hours notice is given, 100% of the total cost of the booking will be charged. Third Party tickets, fees, advance fees, boat, etc. or costs other events are non-refundable.
5.1.2. There is a 35 Euro cancellation fee for every flight ticket cancelled.
5.2. Rebooking: changes after completion of the contract at the request of the passenger qualifies for Orobus S.L. a rebooking fee of a minimum of EUR 30 per person (fee may vary depending on charges applied by the individual tour operator). Requests must be made in writing to Orobus S.L.. A flight may be rebooked
generally only up to the 31 days prior to arrival. Changes after this deadline will be
handled as a cancellation of the journey in accordance with point 5.1.
5.3. Substitutes: A passenger may be replaced by another who will then be legally binded to the terms and conditions of Orobus S.L.. The client will be eligible for a processing fee of EUR 30 per person. Orobus S.L. can replace the client with another. However, it would not be possible if the new client does not meet the same travel requirements or their participation is in conflict with statutory regulations or Government laws. The substitute client and the original client are liable for the travel price and the additional costs incurred due to the substitution of the new customer.
6. Warrantee
: 6.1. If the contracted service is not what the customer has expected, the customer has the right to request a reasonable alteration to the service. Orobus S.L. has the right to refuse the request, however, if the demand is considered disproportionate by Orobus S.L..
Orobus S.L. may also offer an equivalent service to compensate for the discrepancy in the contracted service. A right to the
If the client takes it upon themselves to remedy the discrepancy in service provided without prior written acknowledgement by Orobus S.L., Orobus S.L. cannot take responsibility or compensate the action taken. For example, if a bus is 10 minutes late and the client orders a taxi instead, Orobus S.L. would not be liable for the cost of the taxi.

For the duration of the defect, the client can request a reasonable refund. For example, if their hotel room is ridden with cockroaches and it takes Orobus S.L. 5 days to find another hotel to move the client to, the client may be eligible for a refund for this time. Time of the defect starts when Orobus S.L. have been given notification of the defect. Therefore, please make sure any defects in the service are reported to Orobus S.L. as soon as they occur.

On coach travels, a reasonable period for delays due to technical reasons is up to 1.5 hours according to our terms and conditions.
6.2. Cancellation of the contract: If the defect of the service is substantial, the client may cancel the contract only under any of these conditions. According to 6.1 of Self Remedy - the travel contract may be
Cancelled and suitable recompense awarded. For example, if a coach does not arrive in Santa Cruz for a pick up, the client is advised to return on the public bus service. This ticket will be refunded. However, a taxi fee would be be refunded. The notice must be given in writing. In the event of justified cancellation the traveller owes the the claim
only the part of the service Orobus S.L. has not provided.
6.3. Compensation: the traveller may ask for compensation for services offered by Orobus S.L. but Orobus S.L. cannot compensate for services provided by any third parties. Compensation may be given in the form of a reduced price.
7. Liability and limitations
7.1. Orobus S.L. are contractually liable for only up to three times the cost of the service paid by the client. In the case of physical damage or injury, the case will be passed on to our insurance company.
7.2. In case of extenuating circumstances, the rights of travellers may cancel their service but no refund may be given by Orobus S.L..
7.3. The contractual liability of Orobus S.L. for damage to property, are not based on intent or gross negligence
based, is limited to three times the travel price. These maximum liability applies per customer and travel.
7.4. Orobus S.L. arranges only foreign services (see 2; E.g. flights and other travel services)
as well as travel, namely so-called third-party Organizer, so Orobus S.L. is only liable for the proper Mediation of the organisation and not the service itself.
7.5. Orobus S.L. is not liable for content and quality of the events, organised independently by third party
hosts (such as theatrical performances, concerts, musicals, etc.) This is true even if these events of Orobus S.L. have been mediated and contracted at the same time with Orobus S.L., or even if this is part of a package offered by Orobus S.L..
7.6. A claim for damages against Orobus S.L. is limited, based on International Convention or other such laws.
8 Duties to cooperate The traveler acknowledges he must minimise risks by abiding to the legal framework to avoid damages or minimise damages. The client is required to notify Orobus S.L. of any defects in the service provided by Orobus S.L. as soon as they occur. If they do not, then the client has no right to compensation. For example, if a coach does not arrive in Santa Cruz for a pick up, the client is advised to return on the public bus service. This ticket will be refunded. However, a taxi fee would be be refunded. The notice must be given in writing.

9 Passport, Visa, health regulations
Orobus S.L. assumes that all its clients are valid passport holders and are eligible to enter the EU based on the EU Free Movement policy. The client must notify Orobus S.L. if this does not apply to them. (If they are from a country outside of the EU-Schengen Agreement). If you are not eligible to enter the EU, Orobus S.L. are not obliged to inform you of this.
10 Insurance, travel insurance
Cancellation insurance is not included in the travel price. We strongly recommend taking out such insurance when travelling with
at least an overnight stay at the time of booking.
11 Exclusion of claims, limitation, assignment
Non-contractual claims
The traveller has one month after the planned end of the travel time to apply for a claim unless the client is physicaly unable to do so for exmaple due to health reasons. Under all circumstances, the maximum time the client has to file a claim is one year after the final date of travel contracted by Orobus S.L..
12 Minimum number of participants
Orobus S.L. reserves the right to cancel a service if a minimum number of participants is not met. The traveller will be informed immediately with adequate notice. This may not be sent directly to the client and you may need to check on our website (Internet note at the end of the period). You can check this at Travel and Events through a Orobus S.L. website (www.KulturBus.com / www.CultureCoach.com). In case of cancellation by Orobus S.L., the amount paid is immediately refunded to the client.
13. a.) Inefficacy of single regulations
The ineffectiveness of individual provisions of the
Travel contract including these travel conditions does not void the entire
Travel contract or General Terms. b.) Any terms and conditions outlined on any promotional material or in written communication apply for those conditions. This does not mean the other terms and conditions in the General Terms do not apply.
14 Place of jurisdiction a) passengers can sue the Organizer only at its headquarters. (b) for legal action taken against the client if they are an individual, this must be done at their place of residence. c) for legal action taken against the client if they are a business, this can be done at the location of Orobus S.L..

Orobus S.L.
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CIF: B-38.410.544

Useful Information About Tenerife

About Tenerife

Tenerife has two international airports. However, the Northern airport of Los Roos (TFN) is now more dedicated to national and inter-island flights between the Canary Islands. The port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria have established routes to other Canary Islands, mainland Spain and all major ports in Europe and offer ferry services regularly and all year round.

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and due to the massive mountain range running through the center of the island, Tenerife has a prominent North-South divide in terms of climate. The North side of Tenerife benefits from cooler, wetter conditions creating lush green vegetation and the South side of Tenerife benefits from year-round-sunshine and a dryer climate.

A special cultural event which is a MUST if you are visiting Tenerife in February is the Carnival of Tenerife in the capital city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Each year (around the 14th of February), the second largest South American Style Carnival in the WORLD (second to Rio de Janeiro) is held right here in Tenerife!

History - The Original Inhabitants, the Guanches

The natives of Tenerife are called Guanches, who populated the Islands before the Spaniards. Probably from North Africa they were ferried to the Canary Islands in Reed boats and were not able to return as there were no reeds on the Islands. They are generally said to have been tall with blue eyes and blonde hair. Some of their methods of farming are still in use to this very day! Including the infamous Whistle (Silbo Gomero) which they used to communicate between each other through the valleys (or Barrancos as they are known as in the Canary Islands). They still perform this spectacle to visitors in La Gomera. They were also famed for using staffs to help them manoevre through the valleys.

Ironically, they did not have the skills to catch fish and did not even know how to swim! They lived as nomadic goat herders. Neither did they have contact with their brothers and sisters on the other islands due to the missing ship construction know-how and materials. The name Guanche was used initially only for the natives of Tenerife and was later used to describe the inhabitants of the other islands, too.

The Islands were colonized in the late fifteenth century by the Spanish Royal House.
During the Conquista, the conquest of the Islands, the Guanches offered fierce resistance, but in the end they were powerless against the military superiority of the Spaniards and in 1496, the Islands were given to the Kingdom of Castile. Many of the surviving Guanche slaves captured during the Conquista were exported to the Mainland. The rest of the natives adopted the Customs and Religion of the conquerors.

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