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You want to travel with your pet? No problem with www.Tenerifetransfer.net

Your pets are welcome at Tenerife Transfer. Everything that your pet needs is a suitable animal transport box in which it is sufficiently secured and where it can calm down.

Exempt from the transport box obligation are guide dogs for the blind with a training certificate and dogs, which are equal to those. Please register your guide dog in advance.

If you want to travel with your pet, our private shuttle option is available. Unfortunately, the general shuttle option cannot be offered out of consideration for your fellow passengers. This is mainly because some passengers may have an allergic reaction to the animal. If you wish to book a private shuttle with your pet, please indicate your pet as special luggage. For each pet you have to select a special piece of luggage.

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse the transport at any time for the following reasons:


Your pet must be insured by a private pet insurance company during your trip. Before traveling, you should also make sure that your pet has been sufficiently vaccinated by a veterinarian.

According to the EU directive, every animal must carry an EU Pet Passport. This document may be issued by any veterinarian who has a corresponding authorization from the Veterinary Office. It contains information about the health status of the animal and proof that the animal is vaccinated against rabies.

EU-Pet Passport

Transport boxes for pets

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