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What does the affiliate program mean?

The affiliate program depends basically on the online distribution cooperation between the merchant and its partner, the affiliate. This program characterizes at the same time the distribution of the merchants products by the affiliate on their websites. The partner is involved in sales by receiving commission. This collaboration is recommendable for complementary products and services as well as for the same target group.

What is our "affiliate" program?

The affiliate program of www.tenerifetransfer.net is not a classic link as known, in fact you just have to put a banner or link on your website. After getting the login, you can see your personal access link which you can insert on your homepage. For demonstration purposes, we have created a test-affiliate.
You can log-in with the ID: 99; password: TestTestTest and consider the various links and banners. Do not copy the links and banners from the demonstration! You need to have your own links and they will be created after your registration.

How does it work?

Once you have insert your personal banner on your website, our corporation can start! With every click on this banner an individual cookie of every user is established and will be recognized by our website. You are getting your commission after every booking of users that came from your page. As our partner, we provide you a validity of 30 days for every cookie that accrues on your website. The commission payments are made on effectively sold executed and paid services.

n the Log-in section of www.tenerifetransfer.net you can see and control all:

  • Open Reservations
  • Completed Bookings
  • Completed Payouts
made by clients coming from your website.

What are the benefits of the “Afiliate” program?

  • Linking of your banner with individual cookies
  • The cookie will be valid for 30 days à no loss of commission in case of later reservations
  • Commissions for executed and paid services.

In case of any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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