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Useful Information About Tenerife

Tenerife's Climate

The North-West Trade Winds are the primary driving force behind the Canarian climate and together with Tenerife's mountain range, produces 5 different micro-climates in Tenerife.
The general climate of Tenerife offers all-year-round mild and temperate conditions but the Trade Winds which come from the North West for most of the year provide a nice cool breeze. There are no extreme temperature changes between the seasons. Average temperatures range between 17 and 18 Degrees Celsius in Winter and 24 to 25 Degrees in the Summer.

The North-South Divide

Tenerife has five different microclimates.
The differences between these climate zones in the Winter are more prominent than in the Summer. Here's something which is not to be missed - the spectacular Winter snowfalls in Cañadas del Teide (Teide's National Park) which causes Teide to glow in all its white splendour which you could see even while sunbathing on the beach in 25 Degrees of heat! This phenomena is not uncommon and is caused by the low temperatures on Teide which is more than 2,000 meters above sea level.

For tourists venturing to the North from the South, it is advisable to take warm clothes with you! Due to the altitude and different climate in the North, it can be quite a lot cooler than in the South. The area around La Laguna is known for its higher than average rainfall. Basically, the North in climatic terms can be described as the "Green zone" and the South as a "Desert-like" zone.

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